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When we First Met

April 13, 2013
By greatfriendsinger4 GOLD, Omaha, Nebraska
greatfriendsinger4 GOLD, Omaha, Nebraska
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When we first met, things were great
We enjoyed spending time with one another.
We got to know each other
Then things took off, very quickly
We hugged; you’d tickle me; I fit perfectly in your arms
Our hands intertwined, eyes met, skin touched;
You were such a good kisser
You’d kiss me across my jean line,
From one hip to the other

You took me fishing, on the muddy shore
I baited my hook and you attached your luger
You made me breakfast, we cuddled, made out
Your head in my hands, as you looked up to see me and I leaned over to kiss you

My soft, dark, curly hair you loved
You’d tug and play with it like a child
Indeed that’s exactly what you were,
You used to lean close as if you were about to kiss me, then blow air into my face
And tease me,
Go in for a hug and tickle me like crazy
However, I loved it

I met up at your house; I helped with the raised garden
Handed me the shovel, you gave me the hammer,
I pounded in the nails, two hours later
Our work paid off
We made a great team you and I

I look back
We had wonderful times together,
Why did this have to happen?
After what occurred, I cried my eyes out for hours
I wanted to just crawl into a hole, curl up into a ball
And die…
Wanted to throw something clear across the room
I screamed ‘s***’ several times, hated myself so much
Couldn’t believe I let this happen
I blamed you, but mostly myself I shouldn’t have let this happen
But I did, and it’s too late
Wish I could go back in time
But I can’t do anything about it now
We both have to live with this for the rest of our lives…

I know you’re angry at me and understand if you don’t want to talk to me
For the rest of your life, I’ll learn to live with that
I don’t want your life to be ruined
I truly cared about you and will for the rest of my life

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