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The Struggle

April 17, 2013
By EternityBroken GOLD, Hooker, Oklahoma
EternityBroken GOLD, Hooker, Oklahoma
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It is impossible to love and be wise.

Panting, her feet hit the ground, each step echoing her racing heart. She turns to look behind her, afraid of what she will see. Suddenly her feet are entangled in the root of a bitter tree. The ground jumps up to meet her, her mouth and eyes fill with soil. She cries out in pain and surprise. Body aching she desperately tries to stand on her feet, but no sooner does she rise she is knocked back down by her attacker. Groaning at the impact she pleads for mercy. “Please!” she sobs, “Don’t.” The maniacal laughter that follows her imploring cry has her shivering in fear. The being descends on her like an eagle to its prey. A feeling of dread overtakes her when she feels the cold hands on her body. ‘This is it’ she thinks to herself. Turning around to face her attacker in on last act of bravery, she gasps in utter shock at the sight before her. Her mirror image smiles at her endearingly, and then plunges the knife in her heart.

The author's comments:
I am constantly in a battle with myself it seems, so while I was beating myself up one day I wrote this. Hopefully it speaks to others like it did to me.

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