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Your Old House

April 19, 2013
By OliveBranched BRONZE, Cypress, Texas
OliveBranched BRONZE, Cypress, Texas
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Rode through the neighborhood today
And I stopped by your old house.
No one was home, so I stayed for a while
Just staring at the empty driveway.
I stood and I stared for God knows how long,
And while I stared I remembered everything I buried.
I remembered the last time I stood here,
The last time we saw each other,
The time we said our goodbyes all those years ago.
I remembered how we would wait for the bus together.
I remembered how you stood up for me when nobody else would.
I remembered how you were my best friend.
I realized that people must have been staring at me
A random teenage girl on a bike, standing outside a house
Staring at nothing.
They wouldn't be able to see the ties I had to the place.
They wouldn't know how I ached for you to pull up next to me
And say you missed me, and hold me until the world ends.
They wouldn't know that I had been trying to pull away for minutes
But I wasn’t able to.
I’ll never figure out why I wasn’t able to.
So I stood there for what feels like an eternity,
Rooted to the ground, still staring at the driveway.
Eventually, I did pull away.
And I’m still shaking from it all.

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