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April 21, 2013
By Shaniqua GOLD, Des Moines, Iowa
Shaniqua GOLD, Des Moines, Iowa
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My hate is a blister,
boiling, slithering. I want to scream and I feel it's acid in my mouth. I want to spit it out and watch it die,
it makes me insane.
When you are my hate, I want to hit you,
I want to make you feel my acid, the acid in my throat, my nose, the acid burning streaks down my cheek, filling the cracks in my lips.
I want you to understand I'm sore, like I ran a thousand miles to get away from you. I want you to feel my pain, the pain of betrayal, of my death. Every word, every slap, every time you hurt me, I want to die. The Blister burns into my soul, slowly building and pounding into my heart that I am what you say,
I want you to feel my blister, my acid, my depression.

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