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April 25, 2013
By firewithdoves GOLD, HARTFIELD, Virginia
firewithdoves GOLD, HARTFIELD, Virginia
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I am
The stars pulse like a million steady hearts
Pounding desperately away at Chests begging for life
But I know
There are too many fires burning in the night sky
For me to see in a lifetime

I am
Muddled lights spot the darkness above,
Filling my senses with a beauty that I am
Incapable of capturing.
The blanket of black clings to leftover grains of sand
That were washed up
On the universe's shore

I am
There are incandescent pinpricks glowing bright,
Possessing such radiance that
I can't believe my eyes.
My vernacular cannot begin to describe
This unfathomable sight that is the
Night sky

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