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Closed Curtain

May 6, 2013
By HappyCamper GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
HappyCamper GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
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Let’s watch the days rise and fall
(with the curtains closed,
and our lives on hold)

Let’s watch the days unfold
(as we sit behind our fences,
sheltered by the only knowledge we accept,
dismissing that which is too real to comprehend)

I don’t intend on ever leaving this sanctuary
It’s my safe haven
I’m at peace here
This is where innocence lives
(along with ignorance)

It’s (not) a place of harmony
Where people help one another without pride
(it’s a world full of disgust, lust, and greed
it’s controlled by those who fear nothing,
not even death)

I wish to forever stay comfortable
I will always be this little girl,
Overflowing in luxuries
No one can take me away from here
Keep me, (un)kind life,
Keep me

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