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Mourning Morning (the Goodbyes)

May 30, 2013
By haley101 DIAMOND, Windsor, Connecticut
haley101 DIAMOND, Windsor, Connecticut
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Favorite Quote:
“Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.”

― Mary Oliver

(Vantage Point)


waking up in the morning,
my bare feet garner purchase
on the wet ground, littered with the
fallen petals from the cherry blossom tree
in our yard.

my feet paint signals
on the asphalt of our driveway
i never really said goodbye, did I?

standing in my pajamas,
with the garbage not in the can,
i am soaked with rain
he left me out
in the rain


waking up before the
sun, before the birds
waking up with the stars and
the moon

my feet are hesitant
drawing signals on the
hardwood flooring
beside my bed.

i dress, put on a tie
grab a suitcase,
put on my face and
shoot the mirror.

i get into the car,
and don’t come out
until i’ve crashed it
on the highway.
it’s not like i thought
this would happen
when i woke up
with the birds


i get the call late that morning,
it is a mourning morning.
he forgot to make coffee
he forgot to leave a note
i forgot to say goodbye

he got into his car
and didn’t get out
until he crashed
on the highway

it’s not like i thought
that would happen
when i got up without
the sun, but with the


it was early morning,
the time when i normally
stop the truck and grab
my coffee

but i was late to minnesota
with this delivery,
it could wait.

the streets were soaked with
rain my eyelids were soaked
with fatigue, i can’t believe

i didn’t see him coming.

i hear her
beside the hospital
bed, sobbing.

i wish i had
said goodbye
to her this morning.

because now
it is her mourning morning.

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