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Cross Roads

June 30, 2013
By Samii_Maze PLATINUM, Franklin, Wisconsin
Samii_Maze PLATINUM, Franklin, Wisconsin
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Life makes you stumble
across different roads
To give you a challenge
to face every day
The choice is yours
To choose on how you act
on your task
It can make you or break you
If you walk and take that chance
of selecting that
certain path then don't
look back
your one step ahead
to many opportunities
that you cant just pass
Some will trip and
Make you fall to
Stop you in your tracks
And force you to reflect
on the bruises and cuts
that you have shown
once your learned and
Forgave your self
Get back up and
Push your self
to give it your 110% again
Never give up on what you believe in don't let Someone say you can't
Do this or that
Prove them that you
Can and will win the
Grand prize of a life time
at the end
Live your life at the
live through All of the demons
that lie ahead of you and the
skeletons in your closest
That might come out
because if you turn
Around and go back Now
you will never
know what could be Waiting
for you at the end of That road
That you choose from
The very beginning
of your life

The author's comments:
just something that was on my mind

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