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Just Look

July 4, 2013
By bourgeoisiehater GOLD, Weaverville, North Carolina
bourgeoisiehater GOLD, Weaverville, North Carolina
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The little old lady.
Her frizzy hair whips in the wind.
Stepping into the old front door of a shop.
Her shop.
The shop.
A shop where a little, frizzy haired lady waits.
A shop with a display case.
A shop that feels like home.
The display case holds three elegant dresses.
The dresses wait too.
A girl wonders past.
Her straight blond hair flat against her back.
She looks up a slight bit.
Not enough to see me though.
Instead she sees a plaid blue and white dress.
The dresses waiting was up.
As the young girl frolicked about, I flew down.
Her sparkling green eyes just looked.
I like when people 'just look'.
When hatred is still undiscovered, and everything is well.
The girl just watched.
She like to watch.
So I watched back.
But I didn't 'just look'.
I couldn't 'just look'.
I wondered.
I wondered because that's what eagles do.
I wondered because that is what I do.
I wondered because I am an eagle.
The girl was wondering now.
I could tell.
Her mind drifted off.
No longer did she 'just look'.
She stared.
I liked her stare.
I like her stare.
I liked her stare because it is my stare.
I like her stare because she is me.
I like her stare because I am her.
I show her my tricks.
She watches in amusement.
She starts to 'just look' again.
The young, blond haired girl walks off.
But not forever.
Not yet.

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This article has 2 comments.

on Nov. 2 2014 at 8:58 pm
bourgeoisiehater GOLD, Weaverville, North Carolina
13 articles 3 photos 19 comments
Thanks. I wrote this when I was younger, so I'm not sure what the whole story behind it was though. Thanks :) Getting comments is fun :P

Bubb said...
on Oct. 12 2014 at 8:02 am
This is different.Interesting writing.I am enjoying the subject matter.I can see the eagle.