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July 19, 2013
By loveisntreal GOLD, Arcata, California
loveisntreal GOLD, Arcata, California
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white roses all lined up in a row, petals sparkling
breathless smiles and highfives, planning all done
white envolopes all sent out ti loved ones,holding the news
nervous laughter and lit up eyes, not knowing what to do.

well, five years from now...
we'll be sitting in the living room singing lullabyes
well, i see us in my mind...
we'll be laying in bed in the middle of the night
well, best of all, five years from now...
we'll be standing hand in hand forever, me and you.

white chairs all set up in a cluster, moods set
brief glances behind and nervous breath, no turning back
white dress blue trim on pretty girl blonde head so perfectly done
sure smiles and and steady hands, now looking at whats ahead.

and, five years ago...
we were sitting in the gym at school in each others arms
and, i saw us in my mind...
we were laying on the grass in the blinding summer light
and, best of all, five years ago...
we were standing hand in hand forever, me and you.

yeah, i see us...
i see our two boys, my blonde hair, your tan skin, my eyes your nose
i see us looking through names, one named Skye the other warren 4th
i see us dancing on the bed, losing our heads, in love
and i see us growing old, kids grown up out in the world
i see us counting grey hairs, falling asleep in our chairs
i see us and you.

The author's comments:
This Is About Me And My Boyfriend And Our Plans For Our Near Future. :) i am so in love with him and cant wait to spend the rest of my life in his arms. <3

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on Dec. 22 2013 at 7:47 pm
JulePearl BRONZE, Harlingen, Texas
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This poem really creates a wonderful mood of love and romance. I love it. :) I was a little lost at the beginning but as I went on I realized what was going on. Good job.