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September 9, 2013
By Capris SILVER, Lovell, Maine
Capris SILVER, Lovell, Maine
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We need to know what is happening.
All the time.
We need to know how we look, how others think,
How everything is going.
We need to know the date.
January. February. March.
The day of the week.
Saturday. Sunday. Monday.
We need to know the menu.
For breakfast, waffles.
For lunch, pizza.
For dinner, Indian tikka-masala chicken.
And for dessert, chocolate lava cake.
We need to know the time.
11:00, 12:00,
Whenever class ends.
We need to know the news.
Who killed who?
Who won the election?
What election?
Which celebrity can never show their face again?
We need to know people.
What they see, hear, speak, think.
Are they dating now, or what?
Who’s throwing the party?
Who’s bringing the beer?
Who’s gonna call the cops on everyone?
We need to know friends.
Safety in numbers.
Invincible in groups.
...Until someone screws up.
Then you have to pick up all the broken pieces.
Who started the rumor?
Who believed it?
Is it even true anyway?
Whose fault is it?
Who’s to blame for the issues?
The hatred?
The scars and bruises?
You’ll find it’s always someone.
We need to know “it.”
What is “it?”
“It” is the jeans you buy.
The music you listen to.
The makeup you wear.
The hair products you use.
You have to be with “it.”
Because everyone is with “it.”
We need to know our loved ones.
Mom, Dad, one or the other.
Those friends that may be more than friends.
The ones that save you a seat, not because
They don’t want to be alone, but because
They don’t want YOU to be alone.
And they ask,
“How was your day?”
“Are you all right?”
“What’s wrong?”
Because they actually care about the answers.
We need to know a schedule.
Face it, we’d be lost without it.
What’s gonna happen tomorrow?
The next day?
This weekend?
When’s the big game?
We need to know our world.
If you walked in a straight line around the world,
You could end up right back were you started.
Or you could drown in the Atlantic.
What would you see before that, though?
Depending on where you start, you could see
The protests in Indonesia,
Deadly street fights in the Philippines,
And whatever the heck is going on in Syria.
We can hardly start up our computers
And not expect the words
And “Bloodbath” to pop up.
We need to know communication.
Otherwise, we’d probably go it alone,
Lock ourselves in our rooms,
Not talking to anyone,
Because no one is talking to us.
Communication is what keeps us from going insane.
I’m Gills.
And you are?
We need to know the internet.
What’s your status?
Your icon?
Your profile?
Every few minutes, there’s a thirst for knowledge.
What is he doing?
What is she doing?
Who are they with?
Where are they going?
...Can I go, too?
And if you like my status,
Does that mean we’re better friends?
Doesn’t matter, as long as we have the time for
Twitter, etc.
It’s not like we’ve got important things to do.
We need to know ourselves.
We need to understand.
You and I.
Myself. I need to know.
What is my status?
Who am I?
Potential or a goner?
We all make mistakes.
We’re only human, right?

The author's comments:
This started out as a social studies project that turned into a poem of sorts. The assignment was to write about What Makes Us Human...and I figured it had nothing to do with DNA.

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