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What Happen?

September 15, 2013
By Yaya21 GOLD, Columbus, Ohio
Yaya21 GOLD, Columbus, Ohio
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love and death what it is dont stop in fear, love yall ba, leave please, danger is reality, dont controll the feelin then y keep having it. hurt and pain is all part of life. life is too short to waste. believe what u believe in. love is a passion

Confusion is all i can called it
What happen between us?
I just can't figure you out
One minute we teasing and flirting
Next you leaving, memories start fading
My eyes start filling up with tears
My heart started bleeding, seem like you don't care
Do you love me?
Do you want me ?
Or is its just my head playing games with me?
I hate you so much
But i love you so much
Don't make sense but its true
One minute it love next it hate
I'm confused what went wrong between us two?
Distance seen to be making it worst
Texting me everyday was your hobby
Getting at least one text would be a blessing
I want you yes indeed, the question is do you feel the same?
Did you fall in love with her? With someone else?
Floating through my head are a bunch of fairy tale dream
You know the prince charming thing
The Cinderella dream
I'm confused we was so closed
But now you are just someone i use to know
I'm hurt
Really hurt
I cant even count on my fingered how many time i cry
The time i scream
For you to just see
That i fall in love with a man
A man of my dream
That man is you
Open your eyes and realized
This all i can do
Pour my heart out in a poetry tone

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