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November 25, 2013
By MacyGrace GOLD, Houston, Texas
MacyGrace GOLD, Houston, Texas
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Fear creeps into my throat
Panic fills my heart.
I run down the alley,
The sounds of my footsteps echo down the empty path.
I slip behind the dumpster.
Press myself flat against it,
My chest heaving,
Gulping for a breath,
The cold air burning my throat.

I hear a loud thud,
A booming scratchy voice
Mollie, we know you're here
Mollie, don’t hide
My blood freezes,
And dread sweeps through my body.
I don’t dare to move
To peak out from behind my safety spot

I swallow my fear,
Crouch closer to the dumpster.
I hear the voices from behind me,
Calling my name,
Mollie, come out
Come talk to us.
We can help you.
We miss you.

I freeze,
Not allowing myself to move,
To blink,
To breathe.
With my eyes closed shut,
I silently pray over and over
Suddenly it gets quiet;
I slowly open my eyes,
I creep from behind the dumpster
Look left,
Look right.
The coast is clear.

There is the end of the alley,
100 feet from where I am.
I can make it.
If I run I can make it.

I take a few deep breaths,
Trying to calm my nerves.
Before I have another chance to think,
To decide against it,
I take off toward the end.

The sounds of my feet seem to be like an earthquake,
Echoing and pounding through the alley.
Half way there and I was going strong.
I'm going to make it,
I'm going to be free.

Ear- piercing cries fill my ears.
Terror quickly enters my body.
I push faster.

Heavy feet pound down the path,
They call to one another,
And to me
Mollie, you can't escape
Come back Mollie,
Come back.
Their growls vibrate through the ground.

We see you, Mollie.
You’re almost there Mollie.

I’m almost there.
I can almost smell the fresh air,
Almost touch the people.
A smile starts to build on my face.

Then in a swift motion,
The smile slides off as I hit the ground.

I feel their clammy hands around my ankles.
The exit starts to slip away.

I kick at them,
Scream at them,
Let me go!
Let me go!
Let me go!

I look back at the exit.
I see all the people walking by,
Help me!
Help me!
Please help me!

No one stopped
No one heard

I keep resisting,
Keep fighting,
Keep kicking.
I won't let you take me!

I feel their hot breath on my back;
Their cold hands on my arms

The leader, spoke,
We have you now Mollie.
We won’t let you go.
We will bring you back.

Her minions circle around me,
Getting closer and closer.
Their hands rise towards me,
Weapons glistening in their palms.

My eyes shut.
Open your eyes Mollie,
Open your eyes.
Watch us help you.
Take this Mollie,
You can stay with us forever.
You can always come back.

My eyes betray me and open.
Faces form in the bright lights.
Pieces of cloth cover all but their eyes.
They hover over me,
Eyes staring down with…
Chains and ropes occupy their hands.
I open my mouth to scream.

My eyes snap open,
The alarms are going off.
Let go of me!
Let me up!

Mollie, calm down.
Mollie, stop.
Hold her down.
She bit me!
Mollie, come back
Wake up Mollie.
Please, don’t hurt her
She’s my baby!
Strap her down.
Inject it into her now.
She’s a danger to others, Doctor.
She’s a bigger danger to herself. Give her a week in a padded cell.
Mollie, can you hear me?
Mollie, are you there?
Mollie, wake up!

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