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December 17, 2013
By Kimberly_W PLATINUM, Lafferty, Ohio
Kimberly_W PLATINUM, Lafferty, Ohio
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Why is it in a world of people we feel alone
backs against the walls
no one to talk to
no one to care about
no one to watch
no one to wake up to
no one to ask if your alright
why is it when we need help we are filled with so much pride we don't ask
why can't we just open our mouths
stretch the vocal chords
just say please
why is it when we need people the most
they let you down and you feel alone
in a room of friends how many can you say you'd cry on or cry to
who can you say will make sure your ok before you leave
before you say good-bye
before your gone forever
how many people check to make sure you'll wake up the next day
who could actually tell your life at your funeral
who could say everything that happened to you
say they held your hand when they actually did
who you wipe your tears away without you asking
who could tell your upset without you telling them
could tell your lying without a hesitation
who could make you feel safe in a world of violence
who can wrap you up when your cold
could forget your past and live in the future with you
not question everything
let you live not hold you back
who can stand beside you
are you really alone in this world?
no your not. you just don't have all the right friends
how many friends would make you laugh before you got depressed
how many would go to therapy with you
how many would care enough to admit you
tell you your wrong not right

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