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What is it really?

December 17, 2013
By Kimberly_W PLATINUM, Lafferty, Ohio
Kimberly_W PLATINUM, Lafferty, Ohio
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live today as if it was your last with every possible moment, and
live it up, drink it down, party hard

Why do we jump into relationships?
is it because we are alone
do we just need attention
just need affection
Why do we leave when it gets bad?
are we scare
wanna run away
hope for something better
Why do we feel our best when we repeat the past?
is it because that's were we feel safest
we don't try to move on
just run back
like its a safety net
or do we honestly miss what was there
its hard to tell fake from real
hard to see whats not there
or what is just in plain sight
you just wanna run away
or scream so someone will care
just get a drip of attention
have someone remind you
that they're there
cry for tomorrow
scream for someone whose gone
we've all been there
we've all tried it
all failed
and all know the pain

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