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What The Scream Saw

January 28, 2014
By CarolynRose GOLD, Ringoes, New Jersey
CarolynRose GOLD, Ringoes, New Jersey
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What “The Scream” Saw

Orange and yellow invading the sky
So bright it takes your breath away
Chilling evening breeze, brushing under the bridge
A few miles from a California Bungalow

Two men dressed in all black
Entering the bedroom window
Of Marilyn Monroe
Violence and confusion
Pills flying
Lace ripping
Marilyn is dead

500 miles away John F Kennedy sits back in relief
His reputation is saved
Jackie lowers her newspaper
And smirks

88 yards away Lee Harvey Oswald setting up
For the big day
Loading bullets
Waiting for the signaling black umbrella

Cars enter under the bridge
One containing Princess Diana
Being bumped again and again
Flashing lights
The driver becomes nervous
2 black cards intersect her car
Princess Diana’s car flipped
Crashing into the median

Two men sitting in an office
Sipping hour old coffee
Clicking the mouse
Photoshop fills the screen
Pictures of a man in a uniform
On the moon
“This will due”
Printed out
Mailed to CNN

Thick stokes of oranges and red
Disperse on the canvas
Colors to vibrant
It takes your breath away
1893: Edvard Munch
The Scream was created
A picture knows 1000 stories

The author's comments:
This is the story about what I think "The Scream" painting saw, why he was scared. I had him "see" a bunch of things that are historical moments in history

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