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You are You.

February 5, 2014
By oceaninyourveins SILVER, Farmington, New Mexico
oceaninyourveins SILVER, Farmington, New Mexico
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"Thomas Edison's last words were 'It's very beautiful over there'. I don't know where there is, but I believe it's somewhere, and I hope it's beautiful." - John Green

You are not a weight
or a height,
the bags under your eyes,
or your scars.
You are not,
that little pimple on your nose
that you can’t seem to get rid of.
or the people that tell you, you are not good enough.
You are not your flaws.
You are your favorite song,
or the smell of warm homemade waffles on a cold sunday morning,
you are your favorite sweater, or your favorite CD
that you have playing in the car on repeat.
You are beautiful.
You are strong,
and you are worth fighting for.
You ARE good enough,
and you ARE worth it.
You are no one else but you.
You are unique and different.
Your thoughts and dreams are worth seeking.
Someday you will persue your dreams and ideas.
Someday you will figure out that you are worth it and that you are good enough.
Then you will meet someone who has the same ideas as you.
Who will except you for you.
That will except the idea that you do have flaws,
but that won’t stop them from loving you.
You are YOU.

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