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Being with you

February 16, 2014
By ThisIsRivera SILVER, Orchardlake, Michigan
ThisIsRivera SILVER, Orchardlake, Michigan
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" Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead."

It's only been complicated with you can't know if this is right or am I wrong do I feel this actually or practically do I just want to feel you or anything at all. I tell myself all the time it won't last it's lonely it's involved or insecure even simply bored. But I'm wrapped up I'm involved and I'm insecure and I may be bored

Stare blankly your in your mood and I'm following you to the shelter room where we hide and we think and we burn. Talking in warmth and taunt binding. Then there's you with everything in that give and take
Pushing and pulling with the love I think I feel and want to know and want given back with that same give and take the love I want the love I think I deserve but don't feel I deserve and so I push it I push you away onto someone else before I can feel you pulling

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