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The Between Bridge

March 6, 2014
By Priesty GOLD, Bloom, Indiana
Priesty GOLD, Bloom, Indiana
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I have no memories of crossing the bridge

Between my aspiration and apathy

Or how I ended up on the side that I did

And if my feet did falter or stray

Or my mind contemplate or refrain

But I wish I had at one point or the other

If there were white waves licking

Or spiteful calls from the birds overhead

Maybe I would have looked back once in a while

There were no slips or trips as I braved the wooden planks

That twisted and curled under my feet

But didn’t wake me up to tell me where I was headed

If only I wasn't turned into a sleep walker

Wakeful and asleep

That did most things unthinking

Now I’m here, how I fear

That I’ll be confined here forever

Watching the other side, as the bridge shakes between us

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