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So what cha' doing tomorrow?

March 26, 2014
By TakeAGuessKatara SILVER, Beltsville, Maryland
TakeAGuessKatara SILVER, Beltsville, Maryland
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"Live for tomorrow, remember today, and smile because you survived yesterday," by Me

So what cha’ doing tomorrow?

Daniel: So what cha’ doing tomorrow?
Sarah: I’m living and you?
Daniel: I’m leaving,
Sarah: To where?
Daniel: To hell

Daniel: Why are you blinking like that?
I know my fate if I take my life
But I am done dealing with the strife
Adam screwed us in the beginning
By biting the fruit
Letting in to his wife
And not staying strong
But gave us the courage to go on
Sadly I have run out of courage
And the liquid version
Gives little relief

Sarah: Why are you thinking of this?
What has life done to you
That you couldn’t handle
That let you forget the good times
The great things of this life
The mercy of God?

Daniel: I didn’t forget
I could never forget
I remember times
When that same God
Saved my life 10 times over
I could never praise him enough
For all he has done
And will ever do
For every person
I love my Lord and Savior

I want to leave
For that exact reason
I remember his glorious plan
Such a beautiful thing
And we messed it up

Now there are holes
And burns
And scratches
In his perfection

There is hate
There are walls between people
People don’t acknowledge his amazing presence
Or look to him in bad times
And Good
They sit there and look to humans
What stupidity we have mustered

Sarah: I still don’t understand
What holes?
What tears?
What burns?
I see only his perfection
And hope to see more of it
All the time he allows me to live
I strive to do my best with the time he allows
With the time he gives
I would do my best
To get it back to his plan

What do you see
That I don’t see?

Daniel: You see it!
You couldn’t ignore such travesties
You see devastation
You see unfairness’
You see tragedy
You ignore
Or say
“There is nothing to do,
Might as well move on with my life
Theirs is gone.
They wasted it,”
Or even dare say
“Good Riddance,”


Daniel: No they are not
When have you seen a drug dealer get shot
And cried?
When have you seen a murderer strangled
Then cry?
You cry for holocaust victims
For 8 year olds caught in the cross fires
But who cries for those that are misguided
That turned their back on a broken world
And went to a plant
Or a liquid
For some joy
Who cries for those
Who were so desperate
And so frozen in their hate
That they couldn’t see
That their actions were so wrong

Sarah: What do you know?
Have you been there?
Do you know…

I felt a pang
For all human life lost
The murderers
The molesters
They have God’s light
Its just hidden under the smoke of their life
People think they are born evil
But how is that possible if they are of God?

Have you ever even thought of our lives
All manipulated
So the RICH get the best
So the hardworkers get manipulated
Can get discredited

We live in a world
Full of standards
Bottom Lines
Needs to Be
Cant bes
Wont bes
A place of closed possibilities

I understand that some things are wrong
And shouldn’t be done
But those things
Aren’t the ones that are looked down on in society

Daniel: Don’t you see it?
You go in the classroom
And Sometimes
Your expected to get an A
No matter what
Some take drugs
Some just cheat
Others fail out of the environment
But do the teachers care
Hardly at all
You get an A
That’s it
You’ve “Won the game.”

Ace-ing a test may show you know the information
At least in that moment
But still you can be a complete idiot
And pass the SAT
If you are conniving enough
To memorize the answer book

God gave us a brain that can make choices
That can decide right from wrong
That can be good or bad
That has his voice in it to guide us
Yet some of us
A lot of us
Choose the bad decision
Because its easier
Or just because its “more fun,”

Somewhere down the line of history
We got addicted to the high
Of enjoying bad
A crippling decision
In all of human history

Sarah: Man, your only thinking of the bad
That’s not realistic
That’s pessimistic
There so many good people on the earth
Saving it from the mess we caused
There is god here to
Amidst all the mess

Others do care for the molesters
And the murders
People who care for the addicted
And don’t discriminate
But try to get people better
In the best possible way

There are honest churches
And realistic schools
And loving people
They maybe spread slightly thin
Or be hidden by brickheads
But they are there

There is Love
And Life on earth
There is Light
And Laughs on earth
There aren’t these things in Hell
And there could never be
Understand that
I don’t want you in Hell

Daniel: I know about the Good
I know a couple of those people
I have been blessed to see them
But I got tired of the hope on earth
The hope that things will get better
And then getting slapped with
The apocalyptically slow progress
To get better
Because there are so many people
That are moving us backwards

This false hope encouraged my desire
Hell is a place of thieves
But at least that’s out in the open
There is an open truth
That you will be treated like s***
It is not covered up
And perfumed
Like on Earth

Sarah: Don’t leave for them
They aren’t what your life should be focused on
Focus on the positive
At least for me

Daniel: Don’t worry I did
I didn’t commit in front of you
But I did want to tell you why
But if you want to find me
I’m hanging behind the school

Story Teller: She goes up to poke her friend
But the ghost dissolves back into the air
Gone forever
But his story told

She found his body cold
Behind the school
With a note that said,
“The one who found me
Knows my story
And knows why
The world sucks .”

The author's comments:
This piece is a 3 person poem.

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