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The Dance of paper and pen ( because I do my tok homework)

April 14, 2014
By Rebry PLATINUM, Longmont, Colorado
Rebry PLATINUM, Longmont, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
"Self education is better than none"
"True poetry is the quintessence of the hidden soul."

Am I not a fool for writing poetry
for the sake of writing poetry?
Am I to be rejected for using words
such as ennui?
Am I to be stoned for figurative language?
Or burned at the stake for
poising a period at the end of
a stream of
And yet my inner critic
yearns to yell
to scream
more words!
more passion!

I see their faces when
they look at me,
their empty eyes,
like corpses.
They believe morals
are paintings on
are currency in Eastern Europe.
They do not know.
They do not drink
in the moments
that they cannot breathe.
They are silent tombstones.
Sinisterly and silently scorning Shakespeare
They trample over
calling him dull.
And I too am seen as a
for thinking of such
fantastical, whimsical

Was it ethical for Socrates to drink Hemlock?
Did they giggle like a couple of school girls
as he downed it like it was a
shot of whiskey?
And yet we heretics
are given the poison
of judgement everyday
swallowing the bitter cup

How much do I remember about not fitting in?
Is there reason to believe I ever will?
And yet faith has accepted the girl with
the curly hair.


All qualities which
poetry blends into
For is not poetry
the expression of passion?
And yet this can be said of communication
in any way:

And yet you don't
see Romeo whispering
the Pythagorean Theorem
to Juliet on her balcony
No it lacks
the Words are not his own.

No true poetry is the language
of the hidden soul,
the quintessence of life.
Yet another quote I will never be
quoted for is:
"Self education is better than none"
but that has nothing to do with poetry
except for how to write it.

And yes, I do enjoy
writing poetry.
and reading it too.
From Dante's inferno
to Poe's Raven
I have swam in the
channels of print
in everyone,
drowning in the words.

And yes, I do enjoy
being a heretic.
I may never stand in,
so all I can do is
Stand out.

The author's comments:
This was a homework assignment that I went a little overboard on. When someone writes, who doesn't go overboard?

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