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The award goes to you....

April 21, 2014
By xxilybaexx SILVER, Inkster, Michigan
xxilybaexx SILVER, Inkster, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"Even though you'd hurt my feelings, I'd still forgive you. Even if you don't love me, I'd still reach my hand to you. Even if you're gone, I'd still wait for you. Even if you break my heart, I'd still say, I love you."

I’m not a trophy
I’m not just something you put on a shelf
Or a habit you pick up when you’re bored
I am a human being
Not some household decor
Not something you dust off every once in a while
To keep up appearances; pretend like everything’s okay
While you plaster on a smile
Although YOU chose to walk away
Pretend like you miss me, to see where we stand
It’s always been a game to you
You always have the upper hand
Always 10 steps ahead and I’m 20 behind
Plotting your next move as you play with my mind
As much as I’d love to move on
I’m tethered to your lies and false promises
Like I signed some sort of bond
I've always been submissive and you've always been the dominant
So give me a reason to live cause I can’t take this anymore
Your “love” was formed under false pretenses
I’m done… there’s the door….

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