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April 18, 2014
By jacey_poo BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
jacey_poo BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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never judge a book by its cover

Blowing my mind trying
To make this happen
But I'm sitting here
Pouring my heart out for
These tears of madness
Your mind is craving
Forgiveness but I can only
See the tide in your
Distance, missed this bliss
And fallin apart like its
Christmas with no pistons cup
And playin this game of
hide and seek, just now lookin
Over at the peak
Mind in the money
This ain't honey
No bread or tea needed
For these crystal of defecation
Take the act and do it
Right never again to see the
Light, too bright to
Shine on but never enough to
Ride on, fight for the power
Of equality but it's never enough
For poverty, the crys of
Neglection stands over protection
To never understand
Why this correction had to
Be mad, looking at your
Rent bill wondering when am I
Going get paid

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