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I Believed

May 1, 2014
By rcatr SILVER, Mexico City, Other
rcatr SILVER, Mexico City, Other
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I believe everything happens for a reason...

I believed in love
Back then, when I didn´t give up
I believed in you
But I didn´t think it through

Yesterday, I lost an opportunity
Due to what I felt; insecurity
Today I find myself begging
That someday you´ll be forgiving

If I would´ve learned by myself
I would not have hurt you
History repeats itself
Karma proved that´s true

I should have known better
He did the same to me
We were never together
But his wound cut me deeply

I think he´s the reason
The reason why I didn´t let you in
I couldn´t accept the change in the season
I stayed in winter while he moved on to spring

So I forgave myself and moved on
I turned the page and admitted he´s gone
I screwed it up once and I´ve had enough
I´m facing you today and committing to this love

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NoNotesGuy said...
on May. 6 2014 at 12:20 pm
I really enjoyed this piece of poetry because of how 'delicate' it was, giving off a vulnerable feeling and at the same time portraying a deep, loving emotion. Those graced with caring mothers can easily sympathize with this poem, and I think that this is one of its strongest points. I've read you other poems and they were great. Please continue writing such good pieces!