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You see?

May 19, 2014
By Katgirl SILVER, Fruitland, Idaho
Katgirl SILVER, Fruitland, Idaho
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One last time.  I did what is so cliche to write about...
I looked in the mirror
I saw an unstructered odd face
with maybe a hair misplaced because
it tries too hard
this is not what i was going for
you see, our town is a bunch of hicks
we're all so sketchy, so I'm sketchy
my idea was a pretty bleached blonde with a big blow out of bangs
maybe some pretty eyes
Are my eyes really pretty?
lots say they are
but then their is that nose and those braces
and the complaining noise escaping my mouth
So i pick up the shampoo bottle and force it with a crash onto the mirrior
you see, this idea of looking like the scene I want to be is
way to complicated
for the rotting dead body behind my shed

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