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painted words

June 2, 2014
By lovebegins PLATINUM, Las Vegas, Nevada
lovebegins PLATINUM, Las Vegas, Nevada
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painted words,
linger on the page.
a new world for me and you
take my hand and lets explore
words drip down the page
lets change the paths we made
I can feel your heart beat
the sound lulls me to sleep
the words smear
its changing please have no fear
painted words don't really rhyme
the drips drop with time
sentences begin to sway
our lives changing every day
words streak and cross out things not needed
people in the past are trapped in our minds
thoughts linger in black and white
in your arms my nights are bright
im starting to learn to breath again
not swimming in the painted words
they don't hold me anymore Im stronger you see
im the lock and your the key
painted words
trap you in
but with a swish the words are rewritten again
no more thrashing, no more drowning
the truth is open for all to see
its you and me baby and always will be.

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