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What is life?

June 21, 2014
By Saige.k SILVER, Weston, Connecticut
Saige.k SILVER, Weston, Connecticut
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Flowers don't die. They only revive.

Life, a word of many sorts.
A word meaning Happy but also sad.
Depressing but exciting

Scary also uplifting.
A word to bring much to the table.
A word so big, it contains all emotions.

And life continues.
No matter what.
It goes on.

Even if you’re scared
or you’re brave enough to face it.
It still spits in your face

And then cleans it up with
a nice,


It fools you.

It tricks you into
believing you were safe
In mother’s arms…

And when you think about it
Life is just a word
Just a word

In a book.

That has a definition

Like any other word.

But can you describe your whole life in a word.

You can.

Its called.


The author's comments:
Life. Its weird when you say it and it means all existence. Its weird to think that. But it's true. Life is hard to explain and I feel even though an over-used topic, its still one to be talked about.
For centenaries to come.

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