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June 30, 2014
By DebSham SILVER, Marlton, New Jersey
DebSham SILVER, Marlton, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"You are the object of your own action"- thought of this one on my own.
"Just Keep Moving Forward"- Meet the Robbinsons, my all-time favorite movie

Friday marked the end of a chapter in my life.

Graduate high school- check! Complete! Finito!!

Not only has this marked the completion of my high school education, but it has marked the completion of the journey I had set upon long ago. This journey that I am referring to was my journey to become the person I had dreamed of being.

I wanted to somehow find a little closure to this moment in my life. I had an idea.

I decided to write a poem. Telling a story would take too long, I thought to myself.

I recommend this to all people who have reached a certain stage in their lives or specific dream, who need a little closure or something that can show them, "Hey, I did it- this was where and how it all began."

If a poem or story isn't really your thing, then do or make something that symbolizes the end of reaching a certain goal. Keep this thing near you. Put it somewhere you can see it everyday or share it with people. Do whatever you want with it. This is for you.

I have posted my poem below.
My little tribute to completing this chapter of my life:

This story starts with a shy little girl
As she was sitting on the concrete curb
She looked up to the sky, it was a beautiful day
And closed her eyes as she began to pray

There was something she wanted and needed to get
She longed for it so badly, she wouldn’t waste her time and fret
There was something holding her back from happiness
Despite her trying, there was still a hovering cloudiness

You see,
This girl was very deeply shy
For no reason she would start to cry
If someone were to smile or look or speak
A place to hide she would begin to seek

It was that year she was starting a new school
Everyone was really friendly and cool
They sat down beside her so that with them she would play
But this girl didn’t talk, they realized by the end of the day

So they stopped trying and her presence did fade
What they didn’t know was that this girl was afraid
But one moment made her realize she needed to change
And that she needed to escape this fear that was her cage

It was when she was playing one day in school
And some girls were acting a little cruel
She got so upset she began to cry
Far away she did want to fly

A boy stood behind her as he said in her ear
That nobody cared, she had to get over her fear
And at that moment, the tears stopped flowing
She would not allow this fear to continue growing

For the next three years, though it was hard
She began learning how to let down her guard
On the bus she would sit for two hours each day
The music inspired her while on her ipod it would play

She imagined a time when the struggle would end
When she would be able to make real friends
So she sat down at her desk with a paper and pen
She had decided how she wanted to be and by when

She had lists of words that she wanted to be
And hid them away so that no one would see
This vision she planted in her brain
Soon there would be no more cloud above her, no more rain

She had eventually overcome her sensitivity
Had attained a wonderful phase of serenity
She was now talking and playing outside
No longer did she have the desire to hide

Then came the time when she had to graduate
She had to make a choice, there were no hints from fate
The others were going to schools far away
But home was where she wanted to stay

So she chose to travel every day
From her home to another state, it was far away
She figured that she would give it a chance
And looked toward the future without a second glance

But she soon learned that it wasn’t her place
There was no time to catch up with their pace
She was the only one at school from her town
She was overwhelmed and couldn’t help but frown

She cried to her parents so they would let her leave
Or else the success she deserved she would not achieve
But this was a private school and they wanted her to stay
It was boarding school or this, there was nothing else for her to say

And so she came home at dark every day
Looked up at the stars and for a second would pray
She didn’t know how she would get through the year
It seemed that nothing in her life was for her to steer

She was working so hard and couldn’t stop time
She felt that not being perfect was like committing a crime
So one day when she came home with a thought
She wrote a song, her attention was caught

She sat on her bed for two hours that night
At the end of the tunnel there would be light
It was about the beginning of her story
And how it would end with her glory

But the others didn’t see what she was going through
Only her good friends, there were only a few
She tried to do well in every way that she could
At the time she thought she couldn’t finish, although as the story goes- she would

That summer had come and she was with her friends
When she began to tell her story through her own lens
She concluded with tears that she just couldn’t stay
They said they would support her decision either way

So that night she came home with her decision made
The next day she signed up for Eastern’s eleventh grade
She walked down the hall, it was intimidating
But the fear she once had was not aggravating

The beginning was tough, there is too much to write
But sooner than later she began to take flight
Somewhere between the dark days and her final choice
She came to discovering her inner voice

She was sure that she came to the right place
When she met a girl with an inviting face
She and this girl became best of friends
And had helped each other through the high school trends

And the girls she once knew were looking her way
Because I am so different from who I was that first school day
And the boy who had whispered in her ear long ago
Was no longer smirking because her conversations would actually flow

And every day when she walks down the hall
She remembers how she thought she would fall
Fall so hard and would call
But no one would come- there would be just a wall

Right now she is opening the letter she wrote to her senior self
And grabs for the list she hid on her shelf
She now knows with full content that she has achieved
Her prayers that she once could have only hoped God would receive

The author's comments:
Deb Sham is the Founder and CEO of BetterMe, a friendly and interactive site for teens who wish to improve themselves in any aspect.

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DebSham SILVER said...
on Jul. 3 2014 at 9:35 am
DebSham SILVER, Marlton, New Jersey
8 articles 11 photos 7 comments

Favorite Quote:
"You are the object of your own action"- thought of this one on my own.
"Just Keep Moving Forward"- Meet the Robbinsons, my all-time favorite movie

Thank you:)

jaypeg BRONZE said...
on Jul. 2 2014 at 10:00 pm
jaypeg BRONZE, New York, New York
3 articles 1 photo 16 comments

Favorite Quote:
Keep your mind in the present and your faith in the future.

This was very long but I like your dedication and I liked even more that at the end I was glad that the length didn't scare me away, because it was very well written!