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Looking Over The Hill

July 1, 2014
By ShantelTheAuthor BRONZE, North Carrollton, Mississippi
ShantelTheAuthor BRONZE, North Carrollton, Mississippi
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Looking Over The Hill!
Everyday I wake up Put on some clothes Fix me an thermostat of coffee Black, because I remember it was your favorite

When i take an sip my head becomes completely engulfed by thoughts of you I sit on the hill that looks over the prairie lands

The morning sun shines over everything making the yellow grass looking like strands of gold. I come here because you told me it was your favorite place to be.

I was so prudent I wanted to keep your love for as long as i could You were never scared of my prowess. Never taken back by my ardent passion to reach my culmination in life


When the wind blows i can hear your beautiful violin Playing, which was filled with so much vitality When times got rough you were something tangible I could hold on to.

Never ennui by your company The languid morning has pass now. The sun is now shining as brightly as ever. The birds are now out and singing, flying. they never have to worry with the feeling of oppression of Love.

Never hypocritical or supercilious you held me up when i was down spontaneously one day you told me you loved me we were sitting in this exact spot. As the days passed we grew apart.

Plausibly we drifted away In a lucid way i knew i would never stop loving you So everyday i come here to look over the hill and hoping that one day you will come back to me


Not with clamor or incredulous words but with the three words my heart lives by, I love you

If you are reading this and is just now picturing this visage Then you are barely capturing the languid morning, the clamor the animals are making, my memories of us tat my heart and mind shares, and the pain of losing you that can only be mitigated by my thermostat of coffee and coming to this hill and overlooking it for you.

If I can just see your face again, hear you play the violin dexterous again, and continue to make more memories of us on this hill. Most importantly lift the burden of three words my heat carries for you: I Love You

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