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The wanderer

July 31, 2014
By AtisticPoetForMyGood PLATINUM, Monticello, Georgia
AtisticPoetForMyGood PLATINUM, Monticello, Georgia
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The sound of your name makes my heart eat itself
Like a cannibal upon a battlefield of dead and dying
We talked so little before, and now I can barely wait
To get up and say hello.

The first time we met face to face, yours lit up
Almost more than mine, but not quite.
I ran to you and embraced you with a solid snug
You held me up in the air and twirled me around
Patchouli blossoms scattered across my kitchen floor

The next day I came to your place.
You were still unpacking.
It was fun, picking your brain for things I did not know
Allowing mine own to be picked.
The thatches have over-lapped for so long that I did not remember
How nice it felt to talk freely. Openly. Deeply.

A while later, we played a game of beerio kart.
I drank more than you did, but you still got more f***ed up
We laughed and finish a brutal game of Mario Party
Before heading up stairs to lay down.
Oh how my insides expanded at the notion of laying beside you.

I filled my thoughts with positive energy.
Love, or lust, I don 't know.
But we talked, and we snuggled, and we talked the night away
The early morning air frigid against your blazing body.

I fancied you a man of selfless ideals.
How wrong was I.
I fancied you to fancy me, if only for a night or two.
How wrong was I.
I fancied you a man of deeper thought and mind.
How right I wouldn't like be.

I see now, that the plight you have chosen is one of selfish endeavors.
Though the fact they are for your self is not of chaotic or harmonic purposes.
It is not your nature to be one-sided.
I'm just not sure how many sides your consciousness is reflected.
You are a wanderer. You use things until they have met your needs and move on.
That is all.

Mr. Wanderer, you gave me many things.
Clarity. Spirit. Enrichment. A look into true neutrality.
You gave me back a feather for the mesh I am creating my wings from.
You lended a hand to tear from the earth some of the roots that keep me planted.
You gave me some of the hope for the future I had lost within the leaves
Of the forest in my mind.

You are not what I thought you were, but I think that is better than anything I could have ever wanted by my own imagination. Thank you

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