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My View

July 31, 2014
By AtisticPoetForMyGood PLATINUM, Monticello, Georgia
AtisticPoetForMyGood PLATINUM, Monticello, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
its funny how the person you'd jump in front of a bullet is normally the one behind the trigger

Everyone tells me I'm gorgeous
That I have stunning features to die for,
But I must have gone blind,
Because I can't see them any more.

When I know they're being honest,
I still think it's a lie,
I look into mirror
I'm so ugly I want to cry.

I see a disabled person,
Or someone who's lost there arm or knee,
I see much potential in them,
But can't see it in me.

Why is it my vision is impaled?
And I can't marvel at what others view
Why do I contend with myself
And see so much beauty in you?

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