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July 30, 2014
By HaleyD. PLATINUM, Bel Air, Maryland
HaleyD. PLATINUM, Bel Air, Maryland
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Is there a heaven?
The scariest part is the unknown.
There is no way to be sure, you just have to believe.
But sometimes it’s hard to believe in something so far-fetched.
How can someone die, and not feel anymore, but still go on to live in another life?
You want to believe that after someone dies, they move on to a better place, but it is so hard to not have that doubt, that feeling of impossibility.
It seems almost impossible for there to be an afterlife, but after someone is gone, your mind and your heart do not allow you to let go, so it is easier.
It is easier to just believe, to hope there is a place called heaven, where the souls of all the people who lived a good life and touched the lives of others are all reunited.
It is easier to think that after someone passes away, it is not goodbye forever, but just for now.
But it is so hard. It is so hard to be so sure that goodbye is only temporary, and that the pain you feel weighing down on your heart is only temporary.
But as you lie there and see the light and become numb to the world, you have to give in to the uncertainty and resist the fear of the unknown, and just believe that yes, there is a place called heaven, and it is waiting for you.

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