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Like Them

August 5, 2014
By dbk1098 PLATINUM, Rockville, Maryland
dbk1098 PLATINUM, Rockville, Maryland
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Her mama always told her to stay away from the likes of boys like them
She never listened
Daddy never gave his little girl the time she deserved

It started off as a simple conversation
But it always took that awful turn

Daddy would yell and scream till his face turned blue
Mama would shake her head, roll her eyes, and sigh
But despite it all, the voice inside her head
Would say when I grow up, I wanna be just like you

Her eyes would light up every time she saw her mama smile
But she knew it wouldn’t take long for it to fade
Isn’t it something how two can come together for all the wrong reasons
and end up this way?

Sticks and stones were thrown
Words were used like knives,
Making wounds in her heart
Too deep for her to bear

Now she’s sixteen
Oh my, where has the time gone?
She has the complexion of her mother
And the fiery eyes just like her father

And the same choices her mama made
She will make them just the same

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