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Me, You, and the Moonlight

October 1, 2014
By ajinks33 BRONZE, Dayton, Ohio
ajinks33 BRONZE, Dayton, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
"Out of difficulties, grow miracles" - Jean Du Le Bruyere.

Me and you in this big meadow.

Lit up by the faint starlight and ever so bright moonlight.

We lie down face to face and I can't help but notice your sapphire blue eyes staring back at me.

That smile of yours just kills me and you know it. We dance deeper into the night playing music loudly from our hearts.

There's nobody else here, just the beauty, serenity and hopefulness of the night.

Me, you and the moonlight.

The author's comments:

Me, You, and the Moonlight was supposed to be my second song (I play the piano and the guitar) until I found out I had an awful singing voice. So I shortened it, changed some of the words around and made it into a poem. Hope you guys like it, I just now did all of this so it might be a little choppy. 

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