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Your Absence

October 11, 2014
By Roseate PLATINUM, San Ramon, California
Roseate PLATINUM, San Ramon, California
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Sometimes your absence calls me

and makes me turn my head

so I look back again

and again,

and again,

seeing if you're there,

but then your absence mocks me

and asks if I know what the word


even means.


Soon I get sick of it--

doesn't your absence see

that another presence is calling me forward?

That another presence is filling

the void in my heart

and helping reorganize the mess

your absence thoughtlessly left behind?

Doesn't your absence know

that there's no room in my world

for it to linger

any longer?

Because it takes up so much space

yet consists

of nothing,

so it doesn't really matter anymore,

does it?


One day, I call back to it--

"Hey," I shout,

"I'm forgetting you,


Your silence replies,


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