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October 14, 2014
By lovebegins PLATINUM, Las Vegas, Nevada
lovebegins PLATINUM, Las Vegas, Nevada
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When life gives you lemons make iced tea because you make your own paths in life not fallowing behind others, true love never dies, don't give up on your dreams, if you shoot for the moon and miss don't worry because you'll land among the stars.

Tears fall on windowseals,

rain patters on rooftops.

step away baby from the pills,

put the bottle down this has got to stop.

Tears fall down your cheeks,

lighting flashes thunder roars.

Your once strong voice has gone meek,

you ask your self does anyone care anymore?

pain shots through you,

your legs give out and you fall down.

arms out for someone to catch but your alone so true,

your vision blurs as you get closer to the ground.




and your down no one can hear your calls,

twisted limbs.

you wtch your life as each marble falls,

there is death a look so grimm.

Darkness comes a long awaited friend,

lighting flashes once again.

spots appear in your eyes, wondering is this the end?

a hero is what you need but then....

Silent whispers on deaf ears,

silhouettes dance across the sky.

tainted wounds fall with tears,

last breath as the pills take your last secret lie.

no arms to run to,

no one to call your own.

the pain settles in with every heart beat you do,

no one to hear your aching moans.

Thump.. Thump.. Thump..

it grows weaker each time until it just stops...

and you hear"Blink your eyes my child" my dear,

a voice like silk whispers in your ear.

The hand of god reaches down for yours,

He tells you it will be okay and he loves you mores.

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