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When I'm Old

October 16, 2014
By bourgeoisiehater GOLD, Weaverville, North Carolina
bourgeoisiehater GOLD, Weaverville, North Carolina
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When I'm old
When my generation is old
If we even get that far
I'm going to sit back and think
About how, when we were young
We would joke about being old
And we would pretend to be old
But nothing
None of our play
Resembled the true state of being old
It was all just societal stereotypes that we had accommodated
It was a way of putting off the inevitable
But now that it's here
We can't joke at all
We can barely remember how
And if we could
What would we joke about
There is no fun in reminiscing when all you can think about is The End
All you can do is wait
Secluded and left to your own devices
You wait
You wait for the end
And hope that it is a Beginning.

The author's comments:

I was on the bus, reading The Fault in Our Stars and I had the sudden urge to write a poem. So I wrote this on the bus. At least I didn't write it in the bathroom.

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