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October 17, 2014
By kgoettsch GOLD, Browns Summit, North Carolina
kgoettsch GOLD, Browns Summit, North Carolina
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9 years old

So innocent

So hopeful

Always full of laughs,

yet always looks as if he's in trouble

How i wish that

the light in his face will never fade,

will never dim,

that he'll never know

what a cruel world he's in

He has to know

that his mom is different than the rest;

stronger, harder-working,

doing it all alone

19 years old

No longer innocent

Not as hopeful as before

Fewer laughs,

more serious than I've ever seen

Still makes mischeif

but not as much

He's grown up to realize

the world isn't his

He wants to fight

to protect us, he says

but I don't want him to go

I know how selfish that is

But what if he leaves

and never comes back

I'll cry and scream

and not have anyone to call


The author's comments:

This is the very first piece that I've shared with anyone since I started writing so it holds memories for me. I wrote this because my brother is wanting to join the Marines and it's been hard for our family to deal with this. The picture attached is not mine, I found it on google. 

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