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After the Storm

November 15, 2014
By foreverSmall PLATINUM, Brighton, Michigan
foreverSmall PLATINUM, Brighton, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
Psalm 23:2-4

The wind dies
The last breath whispers
Before fading
Fading into last droplets plopping
Plopping as they sag over the leaf
And stand at the edge
Until tipping and tumbling down
Into one drip of a drop
Water from the cloud’s tear smearing
Clinging to the street
Until the sun pulls it with heat
A cloud’s stormy black blush disappears
It’s white skin now creamy
Against a beaming blue sky
And the sun beams proudly like the only day-star

The author's comments:

This is a euphony poem from my creative writing class. A euphony is a poem with harmonious, soft, flowing sounds. 

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