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November 26, 2014
By JossyRose DIAMOND, Tampa, Florida
JossyRose DIAMOND, Tampa, Florida
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O, fair Alice, child of gold

You chased the rabbit down the hole

You're lost in a world of you own design

Where madness lurks with creatures malign

Your sanity has dissipated

But your lust for what's fake shall be sated

Think not of the world which you've left behind

But of your future, trapped in your mind

Hold a conversation with the grinning, striped cat

Because we're all mad here and you can't change that

Though be quick with your troubles, he won't stay long

But while he's visible he'll help you with what's wrong

Have you ever had a tea party quite like this?

I'm sure you've noticed there's something amiss

Has it occured to you yet what is happening?

Can you escape the twisted world of your imagining?

My precious child, you are lost

You won't escape without a cost

Have you yet met the red Queen of Hearts

I wouldn't, lest you be torn apart

Run, lost little girl, run away for your life

Go back to your world of sorrow and strife

Leave this place, this Wonderland

And return to your life, soboring and bland

But my child, along your way you meet

A stranger standing in the way of your feat

I am the strange voice in your ear

The one whom only you and I can hear

I have something to tell you my unfortunate soul

You're trying in vain to reach this goal

But the news that I carry is not pleasant, my dear

No matter how you try, you're never leaving here

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