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The Tears of A New Era

December 21, 2014
By Orchid7 PLATINUM, Plano, Texas
Orchid7 PLATINUM, Plano, Texas
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if you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will award you with a new hello!

The tears gushed down

My burnt cheeks

Forming a river

Of grief, Beneath me

My blood stained arms

Carried the pain of an entire army

My mother lay before me

In a pile of rubble

Smothered with the ashes

Of our once humble home

Her eyes were closing

Her breathing heavy

I whispered softly

Something I never said before

For you realize the worth of someone

Only when they are gone

I love you Mom

She chuckled ever so softly

The breeze gently blowing her hair

Cursing the bombing 

Cursing the air

And then I collapsed 

Holding my mother's hand

The last thing I saw

Was the piercing sound

Of the ambulance

I woke up the next day

The brightness pierced my eyes

I stared around the room

I had survived

I saw a woman next to me

Her body thin and frail

My mothers eyes were closed

But her breathing was steady

And her lips were parted

In a smile

I sighed with relief

The hole in my heart

Had mended

All was well 

But a new era 

Of love and gratitude 

Had just begun

The author's comments:

I have heard a lot about suicide bombers, the atomic bombs in Japan and 9/11 that it made me wonder about the pain of losing someone. You never know what is going to happen to you next, the person you care about the most could be gone in that split second you turn around. This poem is dedicated to all those people who have nearly lost or lost someone. 

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