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An Evil Queen

December 30, 2014
By emmakate45 SILVER, Avon, Connecticut
emmakate45 SILVER, Avon, Connecticut
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Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Who’s the most wicked
Of them all?

A poisoned apple
From hand to hand
A vital part
Of a sinister plan

Go ahead, dear, take a bite
A simple apple won’t hurt you
Your purity will
Her downfall is coming
Her own demise
She’s on death’s bed now
But to my surprise

My prince, my fair prince,
Has arrived at her grave
The simple kiss he plants
Is the one that saves

It seems what I’ve caused
Is my own downfall
While running away
I trip off a cliff
To my death I fall

Mirror, mirror, on the wall
I’m not the fairest of them all
That girl, now she, she rules the kingdom
And here from hell I watch her live
And still I wish her death to give

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