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Queen of Isolation

January 10, 2015
By TitaniEm GOLD, Piedmont, South Dakota
TitaniEm GOLD, Piedmont, South Dakota
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The old you is gone
replaced by a new one who is using her power wrong
You were a temporary queen of a hazed throng
Now you treat the rest of us like your pawns
And I voted for you to rule
Never thought you would be a tyrant so cruel
So let me tell you, your crown was fake
This is not your school to overtake
We voted for you because it was time our people got a say
But you took our freedom away
Now we are just pieces in your game
You sit in your rook
Writing names in your book
You have your list
Yet I am the only target you persist
I have my soldiers
But you make them turn into fearful boulders
Getting me kicked out of your clan
Was always part of your plan
And you make me hate myself
Being trapped in your constant hell
But the hate
Isn’t because of the things you do and say
It is because I helped you gain
Your endless and tyrannical reign
Not that one vote made the difference in the run
But now I watch as you have your fun
And your king sits aside
And tries to make a blind eye
He turns the other cheek
As he watches your cruelty
I thought he could be the one I needed to
Save me from you
But his silence makes him no better
As he watches you leave me out in the cold weather
He has concern in his eyes
As he sits by your side
In the shadow of your throne
As you throw your stones
He shakes his head
With each crude remark said
When you took control
I thought you’d rule with your once loving soul
But you're a monarchy that is nothing more
Than a constant and unforgiving war
Against those you feel a threat
And causes your too much makeup painted face to sweat
You fear your power will be taken away
And you’ll be forced to return to the shadows again
I’ve never left those dark realms
But I have my angels that pick me out of your created hell
Those angels anger you more
So you start a new war
You don’t realize
Those angels are forever by my side
Cause I have no power to abuse
And one by one you are turning all your game pieces against you
Trying to turn them against me
Will be a battle of my victory
Cause they can see behind the masquerade
That you smear across your face
You don’t have to have this power you so desperately crave
I am powerless yet I stand before you brave
My bravery may be my own form of mask
But you will not win this attack
I will rise up from the ash and char
You have just left me with some battle scars
I think of this fight like you are sandpaper on my skin
Because I in the end will win
Your sandpaper will only polish me up
And after all the grit and use you will be done
There will be nothing left that you can do
To hurt me they way you love to do
I may be left fractured and bent
Feeling more worthless then a cent
But you can only gain power from me for so long
Before you are forced to move along
And with that, the pawn takes the queen
And the pieces stand up in victory
The throne will fall
And out of the darkness the pieces of isolation will stand tall



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