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January 27, 2015
By MyFairyTaleEnding SILVER, Villa Ridge, Missouri
MyFairyTaleEnding SILVER, Villa Ridge, Missouri
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Anxiety pulls at the strings of my heart

Each thread wearing 

Thinner and thinner

As the combatant so intimidating and balky

Holds the rifle across his breast

Though he's a kind soul at heart,

A storm can pass in a day of light

Trapped in the prison of rapture,

My lips press tight in uneasy sulleness

I fear the eyes at the other end of the barrel.

Secrets swim swiftly in the wary parts

Of my conscious

Churning into the lurud parts of me

But his enemy smiles so sweetly

And engages the little bit of delight

I have left...

With the impact of a million stars

Sparkling in a daunting sky

My befuddled mind is thick with emotions

Lusting for existence out of its grasp

What I desire is impossible

Yet I crave with a compelling fiend

My secrets are fraught with danger, though

But the chains jeer too tightly

When will I burst free?

When the combatant tires of me...

The author's comments:

This was an experiment I tried after a discussion in my English class. We talked about how some poets use specific words to descirbe exactly what they are feeling and what mood they want to give to their work. This poem is about a woman who is facing a time in her life when she fell out of love with the man she's with and feels trapped because she's afraid to tell him she's found someone else. 

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