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The way we live and then fall

February 13, 2015
By houston SILVER, Joburg, Other
houston SILVER, Joburg, Other
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The leaves fall and a girl catches it
She makes them fly like rocket ships to the moon
She notices their different colours, the way in which they crumble and break
She jumps in a big pile of leaves and laughs her sweet innocent laugh


She is older and in the 6 grade
She studies the leaves and its colours and the way in which the light hits it
She finds it hard to believe that this little leaf is made of just tiny little cells
She places it in a plastic container and leaves the tree


‘I love you so much.’
‘Me too.’
Her boyfriend is there with her among the many shades of colour
‘I love everything about you.’
She quickly kisses him and the leaves around them crumple



The tree is old now and the branches are withering and dying
A girl enters
But she’s older and seems sadder; her eyes seem hollow and lost
She seems to limp with every step and gasps in quick breaths
A bed of leaves saves her fall when she hugs them and cry’s
‘Save me, save me please!’



The tree is nearly dead now, only a leaf sits on one of the sad and open branches
The girl walks in
She’s taller and all grown up now
She walks
Her feet pad across dead and wilted grass
Its colour all gone


She reaches out her hand, her nails finely manicured
And gently fingers the leaf
Her delicate hands gliding across the smooth surface
She plucks the leaf clear off its existing steam


A look of happiness comes when she remembers when she was small

She remembers playing with the leaves, flying them like rockets


She then turns her attention towards the grey ground

She remembers lying there with her boyfriend

Their hands clasped together tightly
And she could hear their happy laughter echo through her mind


She remembers the day she came home in a painful and heartbroken state
And screamed and cried for hours on end

A small smile creeps across her face

She remembers her mother
She remembers her crush and the day he asked her to the dance
She remembers the neighbour’s dog and the way it always used to bark in the mornings
She remembers the day her dad came home after her mom died after living alone for so long
She remembers her sweet nursery school teacher
She remembers the A she got on her science project on leaves


She remembers everything, her world are all memories and one day they will fall slowly from her mind like the leaves and its tree…

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