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And I am helpless

February 17, 2015
By Sherry.K SILVER, Jakarta, Illinois
Sherry.K SILVER, Jakarta, Illinois
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Embellished by scar tissues,
Shattered aspirations,
And continuous discontent:
I am helpless.

I wonder how it is
I got to this place…

The idealist in me is famished,
It yearns for something good,

But I can’t feed it.
For the storm shrouding me
Is only growing,

And the insatiable hunger
Is beginning to die
Along with the will to be

And people ask what’s wrong,
But I don’t know what to say

Because the answer is nothing
And everything
All at once.

There’s no precise cause
For this dangerous despondency.

I want to say
I’m wounded
I am a wound.

At night
Melancholy swoops me up
And dips me in its oddly comforting

And I am helpless
And I am helpless
I want to say

But I’m afraid of
Loose lips
And confused grimaces

That I know will come with truth--
With spoken words.

For words cannot be unspoken;
And I am helpless.

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