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March 5, 2015
By YoSprite PLATINUM, Toledo, Ohio
YoSprite PLATINUM, Toledo, Ohio
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America, you are a stranger to me.
You are not the cradle where my journey began, nor the playground where my childhood    unraveled.
My people, they extol your glory of freedom and splendor of equality;
And reverence to all walks of life;
And guaranteed right to love whom you want to love, disagree with whom you disagree with,
No matter the race, gender, ethnicity, class;
And veneration for nature, for veganism and vegetarianism.  
And protests to protect the rights of the few;
They portrayed for me a land of abundance,
Wolfing down plates of steaks and burgers, sipping more sodas than sorrow.

But when I finally came to you, you dropped your veil, revealing the cryptic countenance--
And shattered the flawless perfection I envisioned.
A part of you suffer from gluttony, bearing hypertension and diabetes and high cholesterol,
While others live in tents, unable to afford to feed their children.
People, foolishly emphasizing their rights, became manipulated by demagogues who
Promised an American paradise.
They say you welcome people of all skin colors, but
Guess what? I feel different.
Under Lady Liberty, blending in the melting pot, hiding in the refugee of all races,
But feeling so different.

Because you are a stranger to me, America.

America you are a land of lies, and disappointment.
You are too real to be the Aphrodite I envisaged;
Nor are you the sinister Saton your enemies portrayed you as, a hopeless place of despair.
I don't love you, America, you are a stranger to me.
But I praise to you for
Your ceaseless effort to become a better nation.

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