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What I Love

March 5, 2015
By YoSprite PLATINUM, Toledo, Ohio
YoSprite PLATINUM, Toledo, Ohio
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I am the girl immersed in happiness, surrounded in an ocean of love.

Mom dances around in the kitchen like a spinning top that never loses its momentum.
Dad reads the newspaper in the armchair, his eyes narrowing into barely recognizable cracks.
Sprite, the bichon frise, aimlessly chases its tail, the ultimate enemy of universe in its myopic   world.
Being with the family, is like when you
launch yourself in a bed of cotton, never afraid of falling down.
Surrounded by warmth, endless and boundless warmth.

It's astonishing how versatile happiness can be.
Sometimes it takes form as the family; other times it becomes other parts of my life.
And day by day it becomes me. I am it.

I am the jogger on summer mornings.
And the moisture dispensing in midair flows into my nostrils, atom by atom.
And flowery, grassy fragrance reminding 'tis the season of prosperity.
And winds whirling past ears, and rhythm of feet softly patting the gentle earth.
And me, a part of me, dissolving into what surrounds me, into the universe awakens.
It's a reunion with nature. A celebration of energetic, unstoppable life.

I am the pianist, an artist on intermingling white and black keys.
Music flows like a stream, waves after waves, washing away every cell of me.
No more worrying about upcoming tests, or stressing about unfinished group project, or    struggling under the jokes of life.
I, for one moment, am an artist.

I am the book I just read illustrated with .
I am the poem, language arranged into a perfectly beautiful formation, flowing out my    heart.
I am the the solution to a math problem that just popped out from some corner of my head.
I am the last seam of yarn dangling from the newly-crocheted scarf.
I am the tennis shot that leaves all audiences in awe.
I am all knowledge I store in my brain.

What I love becomes a part of me; I am becoming what I love.

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