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Your Maze

March 23, 2015
By kayliee BRONZE, Cininnati, Ohio
kayliee BRONZE, Cininnati, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
"And if you can't see anything beautiful about yourself, get a better mirror, look a little closer, stare a little longer because there's something inside you that made you keep trying, despite everyone who told you to quit..'they were wrong'.

Our minds are a never-ending maze filled with walls and dead ends,
A puzzle waiting for a challenger.
walls built from regret, hurt, and one-way love,
And the dead ends made from people who claimed they'd be forever, but never were.

The maze began as an open field,
Flowers growing as far as the eye can see,
Clear blue skies the constant forecast,
Purest, unharmed, if only.

As people began to fill the field, the field continued to grow,
With help of visitors planting flowers and waiting for the bloom.
But as they dug, the numbers began to vanish,
The flourishing had hit a pause and never found the button labeled resume.

Because as people began to dig,
They saw the dirt, the worms, the impurities.
They left without making a sound,
But the hole they left was never filled in and the ditches built were named insecurities.

The people made fires,
but left, letting them burn in a million ways,
Turning wild, the beautiful flowers now but ash,
The new forecast made solely of cloudy days.

The calm field had been ruined,
The once beautiful flowers traded for ash,
The once clear blue skies now crowded with clouds,
The field had done nothing, it was the people, the people who created this trash!

It was the promising late night talks,
The constant reminder that nothing would change,
It was the feeling that allowed you to trust,
along with your landscape that you were willing to rearrange.

It was you opening up,
Allowing them to see inside.
And when they didn't like what they saw,
Built scars and left, while you’re supposed to believe they "tried"?

To cope, you grew weeds to cover the insecurities,
You built them high making sure no one had the power to drill,
No longer would you be the victim.
You built them strong because that's what you wanted,
hoping somehow this would bring you thrill.

The more people who attempted to enter,
Weren't able to get through the wall,
You built a Chinese finger trap for your thoughts,
And for your feelings? A castle protected by soaring walls which held them all.

Your mind is a never-ending maze you've built to keep others out,
And never again shall you let your walls crumble.

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