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Bipolar II

April 15, 2015
By snailkisses PLATINUM, Malden, Massachusetts
snailkisses PLATINUM, Malden, Massachusetts
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"so you're tired of living, and you feel like you might give in? well don't. it's not your time." - a better place a better time // streetlight manifesto

I don’t remember getting angry
My thoughts stop processing the way they’re supposed to

I don’t remember getting angry
I just know that one second I am human

And a moment later I am a monster
Paralyzed senses

Eye twitching
Arms flailing

Blank mind
Watching myself destroy

Through my own eyes
With my own hands

They won’t stop, they won’t stop
Why won’t they stop?

And I don’t understand what’s happening
I don’t remember getting angry

I don’t remember getting angry
But I must’ve gotten angry

The tipped over chairs from across the room
The soaking wet kitchen floor and smashed water jug

The broken toes and the wooden stool
Kicked against the wall

They all remember
Recognize the warning signs I can’t see

Stood face to face with the monster
And braced themselves

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